We, the authors, believe in transparency because it is the right thing to do, because DSA is a member-driven organization and every member deserves equal access to information. We wanted a way to express and share a commitment to building a better NPC with our comrades here regardless of the outcome of the convention. So, we developed this pledge as a way to accomplish it. While this isn’t a binding pledge, we thought it would help show the delegates and the membership what we believe is the right way to run an organization. We trust you, the membership, to be able to use the information to hold us, the candidates, accountable.

We submitted for consideration to all candidates between July 22nd and July 23rd, 2019 via email, twitter, the DSA national forum, and text message. The list of those signed on is current as of July 26th at 5PM ET.

Solidarity & Transparency,

Dan Q., Austin S., Michelle B., Emily C., Jen M., & Sauce


If elected to DSA’s National Political Committee, I pledge to lead with transparency even if transparency reforms do not pass on the convention floor. I will:

Minutes, Voting & Agenda

Meeting Norms

Administrative Transparency & Communication


[1] Publishing, in this and all future references, means to a location that is accessible to all of the membership, ideally the discussion forum or a future membership portal.


  • Austin S.
  • Jen M.
  • Emily C.
  • Michelle B.
  • Dan Q.
  • Sauce
  • Austin G.
  • Kristian H.
  • Lloyd G.
  • Jen B.
  • Jen S.
  • Darby T.
  • Ravi A.
  • Russell W-I.
  • Tawny T.
  • Tim Z.
  • Abdullah Y.
  • Blanca E.
  • Daniel M.
  • Zac E.
  • Erika P.
  • Hannah A.
  • Maikiko J.


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